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MMO Gamepad – Advanced Configuration – Xpadder

This is my most efficient MMO Gamepad configuration.


SCPserver : http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-XInput-Wrapper-for-DS3-and-Play-com-USB-Dual-DS2-Controller

Button on guide 2 ver. 6: http://www.reddit.com/r/emulation/comments/1goval/any_way_to_map_the_middle_xbox_360_button/camujj7

Xpadder : http://www.xpadder.com/

mapped button_on_guide2 to letter R.
(edit the button2.ini as follows:
; Decimal VKEY code, see the bottom of this file for a list
; Default is 27 (escape).
; If you set it to zero, set longpress_key correctly, and set hold_mode=2,
; tapping the guide button for less than longpress_duration will do nothing.
key = 82

Installed scpdriver with a compatible bluetooth dongle. Follow directions from developer.

Configured a default layout for the ds3 buttons.

Mapped the gamepad keyboard binds as shown in pictures. With R1 button as alt with toggle to set #2 while held.

Granted this does mean all the buttons on set #2 will need to be bound to alt+button. Yet this toggle for the left mouse button primarily is a great timesaver.
This also allows enough binds to configure heals and an almost full set of actionbuttons.

I play holding the R2 (right mouse button) for steering movement.

These are the images for xpadder:


The gamebinds are as follows for the buttons:

Left Stick – Arrow keys – L&R strafe – U&D forward/backward

Right Stick – Mouse emulation

L3(spacebar) – jump
R3(Tab) – cycle nearest target

R1(Alt) & L3(spacebar) – target self
R1(Alt) & L1(Shift) & L3(spacebar) –  target pet

L1(shift) & R3(tab) – cycle hostile target

L2(ctrl) & R3(tab) – cycle friendly target

PSbutton(R), D-Pad (set 1)(awde), XOTriSqu (set 1 & 2)(sqcxfgvz) Action bar assignments – disabled actionbar paging.
[Also using Modifiers from R1,L1,L2]
R1(Alt) + D-Pad (set 2) – Target Party members 1-4
L1(shift) + R1(Alt) + D-pad (set 2) – Target Party Pets 1-4

select (7) – Character
L1(shift) + select(7) – Abilities/spellbook/professions/pet abilites
L2(ctrl) + select(7) – Talents
start (0) – Inventory (open all bags)
L1(shift) + start(0) – Achievements
L2(ctrl) + start(0) – Garrrison
R1(Alt) + select(1) – Quest Log
R1(Alt) + L1(shift) + select(1) – minimize/maximize Quest watcher (if using addon able to bind this)
R1(Alt) + L2(ctrl) + select(1) – any other addon toggle involving quests
R1(Alt) + Start(3) – World Map
R1(Alt) + L1(shift) + start(3) – any other addon toggle involving map/minimap
etc for wanted interface menus
I also bind one to hiding the UI elements & screenshot.


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